A bad sign?
Published On: October 31, 2023

Is it a good sign or a bad sign that I kept seeing this out of the corner of my eye and reaching out to pick it up and take a drink? Like more than once. Significantly more than once.

And no, the world absolutely does not need knitted marshmallows. I would never try and tell anyone it did. But somehow I find my day is made better by the knowledge of their existence.

I suspect one or two of you may feel the same.

And, while I cannot quite bring myself to actually put a pattern for these up for sale, I do have a sneaking suspicion that folks on the mailing list and/or patreon might just sort of find them appearing in their inboxes some time soon. Rather like how bags of marshmallows tend to appear in my grocery cart when I’m not looking.

These things happen sometimes. Best not to fight it!

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