All The Things
Published On: November 9, 2023

So when I say Block All The Things…I do indeed mean All The Things. Even the tiny ones!⁠

Now, is this strictly necessary? I mean literally nothing about two inch tall mittens is at all necessary, so obviously not.⁠

But does it make them look better? Yup. It really does. Especially on teeny tiny things, the little irregularities from one stitch to the next that just happen with everyone’s knitting can really stand out. And blocking smooths those right out.⁠

Plus it takes all of 60 seconds (hold them in your hand under the faucet, squeeze them a couple times to get them soaked, squeeze them in a hand towel to get most of the water out, slip them over the handle of the nearest butter knife). Maybe another 60 seconds if you want to get very very very particular about how the rolled edge at the bottom sits (but you get to spend that entire time snickering like a thirteen year old about how they sort of remind you of condoms, so that hardly even counts).⁠

And really, for a project that takes all of two hours to knit, spending two minutes at the end to make it just that tiny bit extra cute is totally worth it, right?

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