Stained glass and what now
Published On: November 21, 2023

I swear they look like some magical cross between stained glass and hat crowns. And yes, I have totally toyed with the idea of making a hat to match at least one of them.⁠

The tricky bit is that you’d need Rather A Lot Of Stitches to get that much detail in something the size of a hat, and you’d have to do something fairly clever to do the thing where you actually end up with five (or six…or seven…or more) different intensities of the color you’re using.⁠

And that sounds hard. And time consuming. Whereas these are easy. And quick. And sometimes easy and quick wins the day.⁠

(And yes, very soon here the book of instructions for these will be back out. In case you could also use some easy and quick and bright in a world that too often feels hard and dark.)

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