Timed it
Published On: November 25, 2023

Ok so I timed it. Because someone always wants to know how long they take to make. ⁠

And the answer seems to be somewhere between half an hour and an hour (mostly depending on how complicated the folds are and whether I’ve enlisted the services of a helpful kitten supervisor to keel me on track and whether we’re counting the time needed to clear off my desk and remember where I put the paper I wanted to use for this one). ⁠

This is one of the simpler ones and it took just about exactly half an hour to go from cutting the paper to size to holding it up to the light.⁠

I find the process delightfully meditative in much the same way knitting is. I put on an audiobook and sort of let my brain zone out while my hands do their own thing. Like it settles my brain in pretty much exactly the same way.⁠

And, while it’s not nearly as practical as knitting (and absolutely will not keep you warm), it does win out over knitting if you’re looking for instant gratification!⁠

I suspect this will be out the first week in December. I’ll do a little supply run down post here shortly in case you want to order your paper now so you can be ready!

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