Get moths
Published On: November 26, 2023

Yes, the pattern names are, at least in part, a massive fuck you to every single teacher that ever told me I used too many big words or that I read the wrong books or that I shouldn’t raise my hand so much because it made the boys feel bad and that they’d be nicer to me if I wasn’t such a little know it all.⁠

Words are delightful. Finding the exact right word is one of life’s tiny joys, and using words I absolutely adore as pattern names fills me with perpetual glee.⁠

I sincerely hope anyone out there still telling kids like me to knock it off gets moths.


Quick summary of how the retired patterns thing works, just in case you need it (more info over here):

  • These patterns (and many of my other retired things) are available on both ravelry and payhip until Monday, November 27 (then they’re gone again until we do this again, which won’t be until next summer). ⁠
  • You’ll see some text on the pattern page about how they’re retired, but you’ll also see the buy buttons, which means you can buy them (if you don’t see those buttons, it means that thing isn’t one of the ones that came back this time).⁠
  • They’re on sale ($7.50 instead of $10 for single patterns, $15.95 instead of $19.95-$24.95 for books), but the price is already adjusted, you don’t need a code.⁠
  • I’m away this week and won’t be checking email until I return, but in the unlikely event you have trouble, you can use the contact form to send a message and I’ll help next week. But really I think it should all be pretty simple (if there are buy buttons, you can buy it. If there aren’t, you can’t. The price is already adjusted, you don’t need a code.)!
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