Published On: December 27, 2023

I am currently imaginary. I do not exist. I am not doing work. I am not checking email. I am not being productive. I am napping. Or watching a movie. Or napping. Or possibly cooking something…or at least eating something. But probably napping.

But, while on my nap-fueled, doze-filled bender of middle-aged debauchery, I’m also doing a bit of mending.

Because you know how sometimes you have that One True Blanket that has just the right texture/feeling/size/drape/vibe? And so it is the preferred blanket, no matter how old it is or what it looks like?

Yeah. My partner has one of those. Two of them actually. Two of the exact same one. (Why yes, we are a neurospicy household, however did you guess, was it the fact that I have a couple dozen of the exact same tshirt and wear them at all times when at home?)

And while I don’t know exactly when we got them, I do know I mended one of them back in 2013. And it wasn’t a new blanket even then. So we’ve had them for a while. And, as will eventually happen to us all, this one started to fray a bit at the edge.

So I’ve decided to mend it.

To do that, I unpicked the frayed edge and pulled the stitches out until I had a complete row of un-damaged stitches. Then I pulled back three more rows so I’d have enough of the yarn to work a bind off.

There are not pictures of this because of the aforementioned “I am not doing work” thing.

Then I picked up the stitches (this is one of the few times I’ll willing use a circular needle, the edge of the blanket is long), and next I’ll bind them off.

And I did somehow manage to take pictures, if bad ones, of this. Because the need to feed the content monster is real and old habits die hard.

But really…this isn’t so much work as Nap Improvement Techniques.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to do a really really really long bind off. After I take a nap.

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