Published On: January 23, 2024

Earlier this month, we did a perfectly respectable, unquestionably useful, deeply practical hat. So of course this time we need to do something absurd, just to maintain balance. I’m pretty sure these strawberries qualify!

There is absolutely nothing practical about them. They serve no useful purpose. And I’m not really sure I’m qualified to speak to respectability, but anything that red must have something to blush about. But knitting them made me happy, they feel absolutely delightful in my hands, and they seem to amuse everyone who sees them. Which seems like all I can reasonably ask for from a few hours of knitting and a few dozen yards of yarn.

The pattern is called Preserves, and you can find it on ravelry or payhip. You can use the code SHORTCAKE in either of those places for a little something off through the end of the day Friday (though if you get email from me, check your inbox first, and of course patrons at the Rampant Nonsense level get the pattern included as part of their membership and a bunch of other patterns too, you can see the current list here).

Now…does anyone have any amazing strawberry recipes? I bought bought quite a few for photos, and I’m determined not to let them go to waste!

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