Questionable Nonsense
Published On: January 31, 2024

As promised, I’ve decided to replace our monthly housekeeping post (where I outlined what was coming & going on patreon and then distracted you with a recipe, which required me to clean my kitchen enough to take pictures, and which was therefore hard), with a monthly advice column/Q&A session (where I will also outline what is coming & going on patreon, but then I will answer a couple of questions from you folks, which just requires me to write about stuff I know and like, which is ever so much easier)!

This month’s questions are about how I started doing this funny thing I do, and how to avoid ladders in your knitting, both answered in what may prove to be an alarming amount of detail (cw for death/grief on that how did I get into this job one). You can find the answers to those right over here (it’s a public post, anyone can read it). You’ll also get a sneak peak at what’s coming next month and a first glimpse of a bigger project I’m working on this year!

And if you’d like to submit a question for consideration for a future month (I’m going to try and do one more personal/theoretical question and one more practical question each month), you can do that right over here!


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