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I’ve decided to engage my bossy know-it-all tendencies and see if we can’t do a little monthly advice column! If you’ve got a knitting/design question you’d like me to consider answering in the column, please ask it below.

But first, a couple of caveats & disclaimers & instruction-y bits:

  1. By submitting something below, you give me the right, in perpetuity, to use, quote, alter, and/or display what you submit for commercial and non-commercial distribution in any medium. This is mostly just a formality, but I have to say so that it’s safe for me to share your question in public in order to answer it.
  2. I can’t promise I’ll answer every question I get. The goal is to find questions that feel like they might be interesting to talk about publicly or might be useful to lots of folks. If you have a specific question that needs an answer (like about a pattern you’re working on or a purchase you made), use this contact form over here instead.
  3. I won’t share anyone’s real name or email address publicly, but if you’d be more comfortable using a fake name or email address, that’s fine. The software I use to run the contact form requires that you put something in the email field, but you can totally just put a fake email address if you prefer (just know I won’t be able to write back to you if you do).

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