Published On: February 12, 2024

There I was, innocent as a lamb (no), minding my own business (nope), up to no trouble at all (again, no), out on one of those small excursions that happen at the start of daunting undertakings (this bit’s true at least), and what do I find but an unexpected yarn store (Fiber & Vine). The delightful kind where you walk in, not having planned to go to a yarn store that day, and walk out with treats.

In case that big smushy stuff is Manos del Uruguay’s Franca in Marshmallow, and the floofy stuff is Ella Rae’s Silky Kid in Paprika. And yes, yes they are (likely) destined to be used together to make…something. Dunno yet. But I’m fairly sure I’ll be able to sort something out.

Anyone else happen upon an unplanned delight lately? It’s always more fun when it’s unexpected…

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