More treats
Published On: February 13, 2024

Couple more treats from Fridays’ unexpected detour into the delightful Fiber & Vine (first two pics) and Saturday’s detour into a totally different yarn store (third pic).

It was that sort of weekend. As I said, plans are afoot, and if you’re out and about, you might as well have a little adventure while you’re out.

The first picture is two skeins of Making’s Landing, one in white, one in gray. This may be the exact opposite of yesterday’s yarn in every possible way, and I love them both dearly. And this…well, this I know exactly what it’s going to turn into.

And it will be sitting on my desk, prodding me through my to do list, so that I can get it on the needles soon.

The second picture is a good demonstration of the stuff I am unable to resist buying if I see it…namely a couple of skeins of embroidery floss from a new-to-me brand (Olympus), and a couple bits of floof in colors I do not have (Katia, looks like the yarn is maybe called 50 Mohair Shades and the purple is 37, the pink 41).

I love floofy yarn so much that I’ve started just stocking up on it when I see colors I think I’ll find a use for some day. And I have A Plan for some embroidery that I’m currently noodling on, so I’m currently very susceptible to pretty bits of string.

The third picture is yarn from a different store (Harrisville Designs’ Daylights in Over Easy and Lang’s Lace in 992.0050), but from that same weekend of excursions, so it seemed only fair to still show it off.⁠

I’m also pretty sure I know this yarn’s fate, and it will also be sitting in the ‘soon!’ pile to encourage me to do the other stuff I need to do before I’m allowed to play.

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