Of Use
Published On: February 15, 2024

I love the concept of objects of use, by which I mean the things I use to care for myself as I move through my day. Things like the pot I make my oatmeal in or the bowl I eat it out of or the teapot I brew my tea in or the mug I drink it out of or the blankets that keep me warm at night.⁠

I like my life more when I pay close attention to them. My life gets better when I focus on having fewer things and making sure the ones I do have are as well suited to me and my life and my preferences as I can make them.⁠

So instead of grabbing a new blanket every time I’m at target, I have a few wool blankets I got on important trips and will keep forever. And instead of a cabinet full of mugs, I have a couple of favorites that feel good in my hands and make me smile every time I see them. And instead of two dozen purses, I have three I really love.⁠

If you do this for a while, eventually, your whole day is filled with things you love (and you have much less stuff to buy and store and maintain and keep track of).⁠

But sometimes doing this is tricky, because some of the things you use to take care of yourself get worn out in the process. And, if you’ve made sure all of the things in your life are things you love, it can be hard to see them wear out.⁠

But I’m coming to realize that it’s ok for the things I use to be changed as they care for me. That’s not sad. It’s proof that I’ve been using them to make my days better. And that’s what they’re for.⁠

And these washcloths? I’ve been using them to care for myself. To take care of my skin and my body, which in turn helps me take care of my brain. And that use means that they will change. They’ll get stained because I’ll use them when I take a shower after I dye my hair screaming purple. They’ll get a fuzzy because I’ll put them in the washing machine over and over and over again. And yes, eventually, they’ll be all used up and I’ll have to replace them.⁠

They won’t remain pristine, but they’re not supposed to. They’re supposed to make my day a tiny bit better every time I use them. And if they get worn out in the process, that’s ok. It might actually be the goal. Because I’m worth taking care of. And so are you!

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