Secret Socks Questions
Published On: February 16, 2024

Got a secret sock question? Ask me…I might just know the answer! I’m soliciting sock questions for this month’s Questionable Nonsense post. If you’ve got one, head over here and send it along.

Socks were my first knitting obsession. They were the first project I managed to finished without getting distracted half way through and the first thing I designed. For a long time, they were the *only* thing I designed. Over time, I had to stop knitting them (working at such a tight gauge did not agree with my elbow or shoulder), but they’re still close to my heart.

So this year, when I realized we were coming up on the fifteen year anniversary of my first pattern, I kept feeling like I wanted to play with socks again. I’ve been working on that in the background (you’ll see more of it over the next little while), but I wanted to also throw it out to you folks and see what sock questions you’ve got burning away in your souls.

Wander over to the question form and ask away. I’ll pick a couple to answer in detail in upcoming posts.

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