Not a sock
Published On: March 4, 2024

This is absolutely not a sock! But also…

Remember how I said my Very Favorite Part of socks (and most any other knitting project), is moving nicely between the pieces? Seeing how you can wander from ribbing into the main stitch pattern then out again and oh maybe into some decreases or increases or other nifty combo moves?

How that is what makes my brain happy?

Right. So. If you *happen* to have a pretty stitch pattern. And *happen* to have a way to ease into it…and back out of it…and some nice tidy turns out you sort of accidentally have, um, a hat. Or a cowl. Or about 90% of some fingerless mitts. Or a whole damn bunch of other things (like, say you work it flat and it turns into a scarf or a shawl or a blanket if your stamina holds out, especially when it just sort of happens to look pretty on both sides).

Because once you have the stitch and some ways to play with it, all you have to do is stack the pieces up and make whatever shape you want.

Which is how I found myself with a hat.

But more importantly, it’s how I found myself making up charts for all those different bits. You know, on the off chance anyone else out there has ever had the thought ‘ooooh, that stitch is pretty…I’d like to use it on something else.’

So now you gotta tell me…is that the sort of thought you ever happen to have? Because if so…

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