Not a sock
Published On: March 5, 2024

See, very much not a sock! Instead it’s ribbing, a transition from that ribbing into a main stitch pattern, the main stitch pattern, a transition from that main stitch pattern back out into ribbing, more ribbing, and then decreases. All neatly lined up and delightfully tidy.

Which, if you stack them up right, become a hat.

Though if you stack them up a little differently, they could also become a sock. Or mitts. Or a cowl. Or a shawl. Or a scarf.

Or a whatever else your glorious heart desires.

Because once you have all the pieces, you can just move them around like blocks and build whatever you want.

Especially if, say, that main stitch pattern comes in a bunch of different widths because somebody (me, it’s me, very much me) didn’t know though to think about how a sock pattern would scale way back then and just made stuff that was pretty instead.

Which is how I find myself with a whole stack of little blocks (ribbing, transitions, stitch patterns, decreases, all in four different stitch repeats), all nicely charted out. You know…in case anyone else wants to play.

So pretty please tell me you also want to play…

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