Published On: March 28, 2024

Ok, which one do we like best? The first one is one embroidery option, the second is the same pattern (in a different color of yarn) with a second embroidery option, and the third one is the first hat before I got my filthy hands all over it and doodled it into oblivion.

I don’t think I ever told you the story of these. A while ago Little Skein Anne and I were talking about doing a project together (because Anne is a delight and one of the few people I’m always happy to play with), and I said I’d been daydreaming about messing around with embroidering on my knitting. We did a bit of scheming, and a little while later she sent me a beautiful stack of knitted hats in her amazing colors and some absolutely gorgeous yarn and embroidery floss.⁠

I took some pictures of the hats in their original form then spent an enjoyable little while stitching away (it really really really feels like coloring, like in a way I cannot explain but absolutely feel in my bones) and taking more pictures before sending them back home to Anne.⁠

And somehow, this just feels absolutely perfect. Because ⁠half the fun of duplicate stitch is that you can do it on pretty much any knitting. Your knitting, a friend’s knitting, or even machine made knits. The technique is the same either way, and the results care kind of spectacular.

Though now I find myself wanting to just like…walk up to folks at knitting and ask if I can doodle on their sweaters, and I suppose I should probably quash that urge. But damn it’s tempting!

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