Draw on it
Published On: March 27, 2024

Same hat, just adorned two different ways! Because really that’s the fun of duplicate stitch. You can just pick a line in your knitting and draw on it. And oh, oh there are lots of different lines to pick, especially on a hat like this. And that’s what the expansion pack for it is all about! ⁠

The Penchant Expansion Pack walks you through two versions of this hat, then gets into an extensive discussion of duplicate stitch (so you’ll be able to either decorate or mend whatever knits you want), and finishes off with six different ways to scribble all over these hats in particular (just in case you want something specific to try for your first few adventures).

The trickiest part is deciding which you like best! Does one of these grab you? Or would you rather come up with something of your own?

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