Fit of pique
Published On: April 4, 2024

Despite several hours of trying to create more fabric through just the power of my brain, more fabric failed to materialize. So I switched to creating more fabric with my hands. Which worked better.

I remain, however, completely unsure as to whether the yarn is too busy for this pattern. It got better as I went along (and the back side is all stockinette, which calms things down a bit more), but it’s still a liiiiiiittle too…something. But I’m more than half way through (it’s a hat, it’s not a big project), and if I knit any more fabric to help decide, it’s going to start to feel silly if I end up ripping it.

I *think* I’m going to put it in in time out and see how I feel about it later. That, or I’ll stay up too late and finish the whole thing in a fit of pique. And no one, not even me, knows which.

What do we think…rip or keep going or time out? I could be convinced either way…

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