I have a bad idea
Published On: April 5, 2024

It’s done, I still don’t like it, but I do have a bad idea you should talk me out of…or into!

But first, please note, I have no complaint with the yarn. The yarn is lovely, it’s one of my very favorite bases, and I have a whole bucket of it. But the color just does not want to play nicely with this stitch.

And again, please note, this is an entirely subjective judgement. I can tell from the comments yesterday that many of you are smitten with it, and that is absolutely fine! It’s just not currently calling my name.

I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to love it, but I decided to go ahead and finish the hat because by the time I was sure it wasn’t going to work I was already at the decreases, and it seemed silly not to.

I’ll block it (it’s soaking as I type this) and show it to you once it’s blocked. Because everything always looks better blocked, and I’ll almost certainly like it better after that.

And I’ll probably eventually knit it again (or maybe knit another version of it…) and will probably even end up with photos of both in whatever this turns into. Because sometimes it’s nice to see something in more than one kind of yarn, and a nicely styled photo can do a lot to nudge a borderline project over the line into something spiffy.

And as for that bad idea? I think I may brew up a really really really strong pot of tea and see if I can’t overdye it to even the color out a bit. I’ve done it before, and it works surprisingly well.

It would take only the very slightest nudge to convince me to do this…
What do you think…should we try it?


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