Bit of kit
Published On: May 8, 2024

If you want to make these, you need one special bit of kit, so let’s talk about that! The thing that lets these do their magic is called a “flex frame clasp” or sometimes a “flex frame kiss clasp.” That’s what’s in the top of the pouch, and it’s what makes it do that magic pinchy pinchy clacky clacky thing (nothing but technical terms here).

They come in a bunch of different sizes, and the size of your clasp determines how wide your pouch is (you don’t need the same size I have, I’ll walk you through how to use any size you want). Sometimes they come preassembled (so both sides of the clasp are already joined up), sometimes they come with one side open. If they come with one side open, all you do is line up the two sides of the hinge, drop the little pin in, and fold the tab over.

These are the exact ones I have, as of when I’m posting this, they were $12 for 30 clasps (10 each of 3 different sizes). That’s an amazon affiliate link, because while amazon is evil, it’s also the easiest place for most folks to find something like this, and if I’m going to send traffic their way I’m ok with them giving some of the money they make from it back to me. But if you just want to search for “flex frame clasp” you can totally find it on your own if you prefer.

You’ll want to have these on hand when you cast on (and you’ll probably need to order them online, I’ve never seen them in stores), and the pattern will be out early next week, so I wanted to let you know so you can get ready! If you want a heads up when the pattern comes out, you can make that happen right here!

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