And done!
Published On: May 9, 2024

There we go, much tidier and with buttons I like much better (they’re nicely iridescent in person and pick up a bit of the pink of the sweater, much prettier in real life than in the photos)!

The stitches will settle down and disappear even more the next time it’s washed. And I’ll wear the sweater much more often when I can wear it without constantly feeling like I have to tug and wiggle the front closed.

This is something I often do to my cardigans (you can see I did it last year here) and I love it. It takes an hour or so (less if you’re not switching buttons). It makes me feel more comfortable in the sweater. And it’s easy to take out out if you ever decide you really want the sweater to open again (just snip two lines of stitches and remove them). Highly recommend if you have a sweater of your own that doesn’t quite hang right.

Quick comparison of what it did before, just so you don’t have to scroll back!

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