Good Adventure
Published On: May 10, 2024

Tuesday evening I gathered up both my courage and my knitting, left my house, and went to see Anna Zilboorg speak at the Camden Public Library.

I almost talked myself out of it, for I am exceptionally good at talking myself out of things at the last minute, especially things that involve leaving the house. But I’d told people I was going and asked them to join me. And I’d sworn to myself that I was going to Get Better About Doing Things. So I put on my big girl pants (aka bright orange sweater) and Did The Thing.

And the result was one of the most delightful evenings I can remember! The talk was amazing (if you were there, you know I had…a very surprising moment there in the middle), I got to catch up with friends, and I maybe even started making some new ones. (If you saw me there and I told you to come to knitting at Perch, you should totally come to knitting at Perch…no really, I’m going on the 19th at 11 and I wanna see you there.)

Plus I got to cast on and mostly finish a little sea urchin buddy while I was there and then sneak a picture of it with Anna’s amazing pile of knits. Which means this particular sea urchin is now imbued with magical good vibes. It will eventually find itself incorporated into my little shelf of meaningful detritus, and every time I see it, I will remind myself that it’s good to occasionally leave the house.

Because that’s when the good adventures happen. And I could use some more good adventures.

Now it’s your turn! Tell me about a good adventure you had when you made yourself leave the damn house (or tell me about the next time you’re planning to take yourself out on the sort of excursion where good adventures are likely to happen if no adventures come to mind).

And seriously, check out your local library’s programming. Libraries are amazing!


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