Looking for an earlier pattern?

I started writing patterns in 2009 and spent the next few years releasing several hundred patterns and a dozen books. But by the summer of 2022, I realized that trying to keep hundreds of patterns up to date (and up to my current standard of pattern writing) was kind of overwhelming. I couldn’t do it and still release new things. So I took my old patterns down so I could keep doing new work.

A handful of my favorites have come back, and a few more may come back later. And of course new things have come out since, with more are underway. But the vast majority of the old patterns are retired and will no longer be generally available.

However, enough folks have asked about some old favorites that I’m planning to make many of the retired patterns available for a few days once or twice a year. If you want to hear when that happens, you can subscribe to the mailing list or patreon or keep an eye on my instagram.