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Ok, hit me with your questions on these (over on this ig post...I have comments off on the blog because they always spiral into a morass of spam and no one wants that)! I cannot promise I'll answer them in comments (for oh, oh for some reason trying to type anything substantive in the comments there is a nightmare), but I'll see if I can do a rundown of any common ones in a future post!⁠ Oh, and everyone's most common question is always 'where do you get the paper,' so I already did that one over here. Just because [...]

November 29, 2023|


I love the thing where you hide that first row of purls so you don't get the little purl bumps in a contrasting color when you switch yarns. ⁠ ⁠Like, it's absolutely and completely optional. It serves no practical purpose whatsoever, and literally nothing bad happens if you don't bother. But if you do want to bother, you can. ⁠ ⁠ And knitting is just full of little spots like that where you can take an extra moment and be fiddly and get everything just so if you want to. And I swear that's the key to keeping my brain engaged [...]

November 29, 2023|


Ok, let's talk about what you need to make these stars! But before we start, a quick note up top. I'm linking to amazon stuff for a lot of this. Now, we all know amazon is evil incarnate! But I also know that it's the easiest/cheapest option for a lot of folks, and that a lot of us (myself included!) live in places where this stuff simply isn't available in a store near you. So I'm providing the links. And I'm also using affiliate links because if amazon's going to get the sale, I'm ok with them giving me a [...]

November 28, 2023|

Last Call

Today's the last day for the retired patterns. Well ok, so technically, they're up until I sit down Tuesday morning and start taking them down. But that takes a couple of hours, and I can't tell you exactly when I'll start (other than 'after a fortifying breakfast') much less when I'll be done (which is largely dependent on how distractable I am tomorrow...and I am prone to shiny squirrel syndrome). Oh and also time zones are a thing. Could be 10 in the morning, could be 2 in the afternoon. So the safest thing for me to say is 'they're [...]

November 27, 2023|

Shoveling out

I am, at least in theory, going to go shovel out the inbox today. We'll see how that goes. But that is the general plan. Then later this week I'll see about getting some supply lists up for the stars (that's all already on the blog in various spots from previous years, but it takes a bit of digging to find it, and rally none of us have time for that and I know it). Then early next week the star book should be available again!  More details over the next few days (gotta do that aforementioned digging out thing [...]

November 27, 2023|

Get moths

Yes, the pattern names are, at least in part, a massive fuck you to every single teacher that ever told me I used too many big words or that I read the wrong books or that I shouldn't raise my hand so much because it made the boys feel bad and that they'd be nicer to me if I wasn't such a little know it all.⁠ Words are delightful. Finding the exact right word is one of life's tiny joys, and using words I absolutely adore as pattern names fills me with perpetual glee.⁠ I sincerely hope anyone out there [...]

November 26, 2023|

Timed it

Ok so I timed it. Because someone always wants to know how long they take to make. ⁠ And the answer seems to be somewhere between half an hour and an hour (mostly depending on how complicated the folds are and whether I've enlisted the services of a helpful kitten supervisor to keel me on track and whether we're counting the time needed to clear off my desk and remember where I put the paper I wanted to use for this one). ⁠ This is one of the simpler ones and it took just about exactly half an hour to [...]

November 25, 2023|

Let’s not wait

So it's not just the books that are back, it's a bunch of the tiny things too. And yeah, yeah some day I'd love to get several of these back out and generally available. Because they really are rather spiffy! (Is it wrong I love that apple so much? And the little leaf babies? I mean probably it is, but I don't seem likely to change, so I'd probably just better get used to it.)⁠ But we all know that the Newest Shiny Thing has a habit of distracting me. And somehow, playing with the new pattern usually wins out [...]

November 24, 2023|

Pinky swear

Ok, lemme give you the quick run down on how these work. Because I super duper pinky swear they are easier than they look!⁠ You start by cutting 8 pieces of the nifty paper. It's called glassine paper or kite paper. It's translucent and rather like that crinkly waxed paper you often see used for the bags a cookie might come in at the bakery.⁠ Then you fold each piece of paper up the same way. The folds are shockingly simple (seriously, if you can fold a letter to put it in an envelope, you can do this). All the [...]

November 23, 2023|
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