Boss of your knitting

Do you have to block your socks? No, of course not. You are the boss of your knitting, and a grown up, and I have absolutely no power to compel you to do anything at all. I do, however, want to show you what blocking your socks does and talk about when I do it and when you might want to do it. The first picture shows a pair of socks fresh of the needles, never once touched by water. You can see that they're lovely, but a bit crumpled. This is totally normal. The second shows one of them slid [...]

March 1, 2024|

Questionable Nonsense

I do a bit of housekeeping every month (to remind folks what's about to rotate off patreon and to show off what's coming next), and to keep those posts from being dreadfully boring, I'm combining them with a monthly advice column/Q&A session (aka an excuse to ask what folks are wondering about and then info dump on some of my favorite topics). I asked for your sock questions (hint: blatant foreshadowing for what patterns are coming next), and literally half the questions were some version of 'how do I make my knit socks last longer.' And well, this is one [...]

February 29, 2024|

Yarn Ramen

Aaaaaand here it is in all it's unwound glory. It makes for an unspeakably satisfying (if tangle prone) toy, but alas we must soak it into submission before it can be reintroduced to the stash. Though I certainly won't tell if you wanna watch it go sproing sproing sproing for a little bit first.

February 28, 2024|

Monthly Reminder

Every month I do a post saying "abortions are good" and send a donation to Aid Access (where you can order abortion pills online, right now, even if you live somewhere with a ban, even if you're not currently pregnant, you can get them from Plan C Pills too). This month I also want to remind you that abortion restrictions hurt EVERYONE, even people who are actively trying to get pregnant. CW for pregnancy loss on everything I link to in this post. Alabama's Supreme Court just ruled that the frozen embryos used in IVF are "extrauterine children" and that [...]

February 27, 2024|

Wibbly Bits

This weekend saw a Significant Purging Of The Stash and Tidying Of The Bins. And one of the things that came up along the way was this, which was like 75% of a skein of a very pretty yarn. A very pretty yarn that I happen to have another skein of. So I decided that since there was definitely enough to use it for something in the future, I'd go ahead and rescue it. Step one was finding an end (the one down side to weaving in your ends very very very neatly is that it can be a bear [...]

February 26, 2024|

Mend my ways

You know how I'm always saying you should swatch? Mmmmm. Yes. Well. The one time I said 'eh, it's just a tiny hat, I don't need to bother to swatch,' I ended up with a hat that was so dense that it was more of a helmet than a hat. This is how far I got before I sighed (loudly), swore (softly), and ripped the whole thing back. I mean it's fine. I've already moved on to the project's next iteration. But I just figured I should confess my sins and mend my wicked ways.

February 24, 2024|

Every time

Every time a pattern for a tiny thing gets popular I get comments like this. These read "I would recommend checking the price again. It is disproportionate to patterns for sweaters in 7 sizes" & "Nice design and commentary, but I simply cannot justify $10 for a washcloth….nor do I want to download 26 pages….a less expensive pattern would sell much better, imo".   And I'll be honest, they used to wreck me. But not anymore. My full response is in the screenshots (transcribed below in case it's hard to read or you want the links), but the gist is [...]

February 22, 2024|

Terrifyingly Competent

Does brioche feel scary? If so, I have some good news... First, a bit of confession. It felt scary to me at first too! I mean look at it, how could it not be a little scary? But, as with so many things, once you spend a little bit of time playing with it, it gets a lot less intimidating. The thing that made it start making sense to me was realizing It's Just Fancy Ribbing. No really, (most) brioche is knit/purl rib with some sneaky yarnovers/slip stitches tossed in for extra texture. And yeah, as with most new things, [...]

February 21, 2024|
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