I have come to believe that all slippers, no matter how fetching when finished, must go through a phase during which they look like a misshapen sack. ⁠ ⁠ I show this to you both so that you will not be alarmed when it happens to your knitting, and so that you can delight in the transformation that awaits. ⁠ ⁠ I'll show you the cute version shortly...

July 13, 2024|


The horrors persist, but so do I. And while I happened to have knit this before the plague befell me, I have actually been industriously knitting slippers when well enough to wish to be upright, but not yet well enough to actually be bopping around. So you can expect to see quite a lot of slipper action over the next several weeks. As in...the third pattern is on the needles and the fourth is burbling in my head. Consider yourself forewarned.  

July 12, 2024|

Plague ship

I am still writing from the plague ship, but feeling better enough to wave, listlessly, from the railing. I offer the back of a slipper as proof of life. This is actually (nearly) the same as the gray one. I realized I wanted to make a few tweaks, so this is the one you'll see in the pattern when it appears. Which actually won't be too long, as I managed to get these knit and written up before the plague descended. But I still can't say precisely when, as I am doing some serious resting while I heal. Many thanks [...]

July 11, 2024|


After four years of consistent masking, boosters, and other precations, covid has finally come for me and everyone in my household. I'll be back when I can, but for now, I'm resting as much as I can to hopefully help stave off long term complications. Posting will be light to non-existent, and I will not be checking email much for a while either. My apologies, but this is a one person show, and that person is currently sick and in bed.

July 9, 2024|

A little extra

Ok so yes. The way I block these is a little extra. I have lasts (that wooden, foot-shaped thing there that shoe companies used to shape their shoes around) in there doing most of the work. And then I have a flexible plastic cutting board in there too to help hold the top open and out and under a bit of tension. If I didn't have lasts (which again, I realize most of you will not, I have this stuff because taking pretty pictures of my knits is literally my job, and so I have specialized tools to do that [...]

July 5, 2024|


Ok so think of this as a halfway point between crumpled heap and properly blocked. This is just shoved onto a foot form (they're called lasts, they're what they used to make shoes around, they're damn handy for blocking slippers), but not actually off the needles or subjected to the indignities of an hour or so in a bowl of water. This is just because I couldn't bear to leave the other pic as your last sight of the slipper for a while, crumpled as it was, so I needed to give it a slightly more structured view. Just in [...]

July 2, 2024|


Those of you who said slipper are absolutely correct. Those of you concerned that this looks like a crumpled heap of bad ideas and dashed dreams are also correct. But blocking fixed a multitude of sins. And every slipper I've ever made looks real damn funny at this point in the proceedings. And then you shove something foot-ish in there, and it springs into shape, and all your doubts are assuaged. At least all of the slipper-based doubts. I'm not really qualified to handle any larger concerns. But I can confidently say this will look more like a slipper and [...]

July 1, 2024|
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