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I have a somewhat fraught relationship with what some folks call mindless knitting. I often reach for my knitting when I need a distraction from the world. If a project is too mindless, it won’t provide the necessary level of diversion. Worse yet, if it’s too mindless, I’ll get bored and never actually finish. And then the project will go to the pile of abandoned dreams in the corner and make me feel no end of guilt. But not this time! This time I absolutely raced through what is, by any reasonable measure, fairly simple knitting. Because this time, when I was done, I knew that I was going to do something absolutely enchanting. I was going to embroider all over my knitting! Should this have been enough motivation to push me through yet one more round of plain stockinette? Probably not. Was it? Oh very much so. Will it work for you? Every knitter is different, so I can’t make any promises, but I suspect it very well might!  
January 23, 2023|


Patrons at any level (yes, even the levels that cost less than the pattern!) get this pattern and a bonus digression on duplicate stitch in general and adorning these hats in particular for free as part of their membership. Just for the avoidance of confusion, the pattern for sale on ravelry and payhip covers the hats (not the embroidery). The embroidery is covered in the exclusive patreon extra. If you want the pattern & the embroidery bonus, wander over to patreon. You’ll get both with any level of patreon membership (even the one that’s only $3). They’ll be available through May 31, 2023! Exploring variations on a theme is my happy place. The more I look back on my earlier work, the more I see that this has always been the case. I love to find something fun, then tweak it and tweak it and tweak it, just to see what happens. For these hats, that meant starting with a pretty little ribbing then setting to work with increases and decreases to make that ribbing wander off in a rather fetching fashion. But you see, there’s more than one way to do that. And it was too hard to pick just one, so I ended up doing two. Because once you realize you can get two different versions of a hat, each delightful and each with a different vibe, just by changing how you stack up your increases and decreases? Well it’s hard not to go ahead and do exactly that. Restraint was never my strong suit! And speaking of my scandalous lack of restraint, these hats are especially well suited to further adornment. When I was done knitting, I used duplicate stitch to doodle all over mine (you’ll see that in two of the pictures here). If you want to know more about duplicate stitch in general, or what I did to these hats in particular, head to patreon for more information. I’d love it if you joined us!
March 6, 2023|
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