You know that thing where life sort of conspires against you and you decide you Simply Must Leave For A Bit.  There's really not any choice about it, you just need to Flee.  Yeah, well, that's been going on.  So last weekend, I fled.  I went down to the Kentucky Sheep and Fiber Festival with a friend for a bit of relaxation and distraction (plus a bit of scheming...because really you need some scheming in any good weekend). As often happens at these things, there were critters.  Critters are quite good at providing distractions.  There were live silk worms (which [...]

May 21, 2015|

More Critters

Earlier this month, we visited Maryland Sheep & Wool and got in our yearly recommended dose of sheepy goodness.  Yesterday, we stopped by the Great Lakes Fiber Show to round out our furry animal intake.  We also consumed our yearly ration of sugar-coated fried dough products (yes I know funnel cakes will kill you, but I'm hoping that eating half of one every other year will kill me fairly slowly). These cuties were freshly shorn and wanted to show off for the camera: I just can't get over their fluffy giant heads on their tiny skinny necks.  They look like [...]

May 27, 2012|
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