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Lickity split

Well that took no time at all.  Normally I'd do several posts of progress shots just to show you how something was coming along (and assuage any concerns I was spending all my days napping), but this was knit in pretty much two sessions, so it hardly seems fair.  I'm going to sneak some progress shots in just because I actually did grab them, but really just imagine the whole hat zooming together so fast it's a blur. Oh and the inside of this one is unaccountably amusing.  A little too busy for me to want it to be the [...]

May 20, 2016|


We have friends who make better than average children, and they've recently gone and made a new one.  This gives me the perfect opportunity to test my theory that most anything you put on a baby's head will be adorable. Let's see if it extends to orange and green hats.  I suspect it will...

May 16, 2016|
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