Carom (plus giveaway)

I suspect you might already know this, but I have a thing for sets.  I can't help it.  As soon as I finish a piece I start wondering 'and what would happen if I just wiggled this little bit over here?'  Then all of a sudden there's another variation on the needles.  That's totally what happened with Carom, and I'm so happy to have the pattern back out!The first hat uses a bigger, lacier version of the stitch pattern.  It's lovely and swooshy and just a bit dramatic. The second one uses a slightly smaller version of the stitch pattern.  [...]

September 20, 2016|

Not My Strong Suit

So the plan had been to put this pattern up on Monday.  But it's ready now, and I don't really do patience if I can help it.  Also, there might just possibly be something else going on on Monday that I'll want to squee about.  So I'm putting it out now.  Handy thing, making your own schedule. These are, of course, the magical, sanity-saving, purple hats.  One is for me, and one has made its way into the post to head off to my mom.  The first of these was cast on within hours of getting my hands on the [...]

February 5, 2011|
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