The time has come (a bit late this year, I confess) for The Annual Preserving of the Lemons.  I won't recap the directions (I did that last year, should you want to make your own).  I'll just flaunt the results. That's all the meyer lemons I was able to scrounge at the store (I've switched to quart jars instead of pint jars this year, so that's actually about 9 lemons per jar).  I'd like to lay down another jar or two, but that will require another trip to the other grocery store to see if they've got the right sort [...]

March 19, 2014|

Bottoms Up

Last Thursday found The Boy and I at an interesting event.  It billed itself as a mixology class/showcase for OYO products.  We're fans of OYO (stop by when you're in Columbus, and then walk next door to Brother's Drake Meadery for some really yummy drinks), and we've been known to enjoy the odd adult beverage from time to time, so it seemed like an interesting way to spend the evening. It was much as promised.  Snacks, tasty drinks, and of course the requisite re-purposed warehouse as the venue.  They even gave us recipes for their tasty offerings (I'm sharing my [...]

January 29, 2013|

Preserve, Part II

Really, this is very easy.  So easy I'm going to let the pictures do most of the talking.  Ready, here we go.  1) Juice several of your backup lemons. I usually need about one lemon per jar, and in this case I'm doing 5 jars. 2) Cut the tips off your Meyer lemons (optional, but it feels tidy to do it). 3) Cut your Meyer lemons almost all the way into quarters (cut most of the way through the lemon, leaving just enough to hold them together at the bottom).  Don't panic if you slip, you can still use them.  [...]

January 24, 2013|


It's freezing cold outside today, so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to hole up at home and make something yummy.  Today's plan is preserved (or salt cured) lemons.  I made these last year and have fallen completely in love with them.  They are delicious in any sort of vegetable dish (we use them most every time we make chicken or vegetable soup) and are called for in lots of Moroccan recipes.  They've become a must-have staple in my kitchen. There is a bit of a seasonal aspect to them.  They're best made with Meyer lemons, and those are easiest [...]

January 23, 2013|

Coffee Ice Cream

While we did not partake in the traditional Thanksgiving feast, we did still devote some time to cooking and gluttony this weekend.  One of these expressions of culinary frivolity was the  making of coffee ice cream and home made chocolate sauce.  Now alas, getting a really good photo of the ice cream in my dim dining room before the hot chocolate sauce caused too much meltage proved a challenge beyond my skills.  So you'll have to suffer with a mediocre image of a mighty fine ice cream.  Ice cream so fine I'm compelled to share the directions with you. I [...]

November 25, 2012|
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