Khotan and Gördes

As promised, I'd like to introduce the two socks for our February knit along.  The eastward sock for February is Khotan.  I love them.  I know it's probably tacky to say that about your own design, but, well, it's true.  They're just so crisp and orderly.  They appeal to the part of me that uses a ruler to make sure the books on my shelves are lined up just right.  Everything flows perfectly into the next bit and it just works.  I know, I'm not being modest.  But they really are a (not so) secret favorite. They are made in [...]

January 21, 2011|

Knit Along

Several people, both here and on ravelry, have asked if we'll be doing a knit along for the book.  The answer is of course we are!  I thought I'd take a moment and outline some of the details here. As you may perhaps have noticed, there is a distinct geographical bent to this book.  We're taking shameless advantage of this for the knit along.  The Silk Road is really a vast east/west trade network covering several thousand miles.  People and goods traveled both ways (east to west and west to east) and we're going to structure the knit along in [...]

January 20, 2011|
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