Spicule (plus giveaway)

Want a hat?  Wait, actually, want three hats?  Maybe with a little something extra thrown in for fun? Because if so, I think Spicule might be just the thing. That's three lovely, snuggly, cozy hats (just perfect for the cold weather that I suspect will arrive any day now). Plus three unspeakably adorable ornament versions that will look just darling dangling from your tree or tied on top of a present (massive massive bonus points if you knit someone a hat, wrap it up, and put the ornament sized version on top of the package as a present topper). Now [...]

November 1, 2016|

Slant (plus giveaway)

Ready for an oldie?  Slant were one of the very first sock patterns I ever put out (looks like my third one if I'm counting correctly).  They've been on hiatus while the pattern was totally revamped (new photos, new charts, new layout, loads more sizes), and now they're ready for their comeback! I loved these when I first made them (they're still in heavy rotation in my sock basket), and I love them now.  The rib ensures they'll fit beautifully.  The pattern is mirrored (because when you have lines like that you just have to do it that way, there's [...]

June 23, 2015|

Plicate (plus giveaway)

A while ago, I quietly took down all my earliest patterns.  They were fine, but they just weren’t quite as polished as my current work, so down they came.  I’ve been revamping them (new layouts, new charts, updated text, and often new pictures and more sizes) and rereleasing them as time allows.  Louche is back out, as are lots of lovely cuffs.  But it was about time for a hat pattern to get some love, so today I’m bringing Plicate back! Plicate is, if you'll forgive the shameful lack of modesty, awfully close to my idea of the perfect slouchy [...]

January 20, 2015|

Still not the Big News

So this is still not it.  There's a good chance the 'it' will be discussed tomorrow or Monday. Instead, I bring you some other news, this time accompanied by a photo.  It's been an unreasonably long time since there has been a photo of a new sock.  So, with no further ado, a picture.  This is a sock with a bit of back story.  The story is rather rambly.  The short version is 'new pattern later this month.'  If you don't want the long version, feel free to wander off now.  I'll never know. Ok, now for the long version.  [...]

March 18, 2010|
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