Hooky, Part II

When last I left you, I'd been grudgingly allowed to check into my hotel, despite my scandalous lack of male supervision.  Determined to confirm the desk clerk's low opinion of me, I went right back out a little while later (at night, alone, oh the horrors) and headed to my friend's house.  The rest of the evening will remain cloaked in mystery.  I can't actually describe it and so must leave it to your imagination (though I regret to inform you there were no pillow fights, sorry). There are only few bits of the next day discretion allows me to [...]

March 11, 2012|


When playing hooky, it is best not to have too much of an advance plan.  A certain element of spontaneity is necessary if you're to have the proper atmosphere of indulgence and excess.  That being said, my weekend hooky session did have a few things that needed to be planned.  The Boy needed to be to the airport on time (he was flying off to visit his sister), the Kitten Overlords needed to be fed and watered in our absence, and I needed a place to sleep while I was away.  The rest was fairly freeform. I started by heading [...]

March 8, 2012|

Back Soon

Sorry for the radio silence.  I ran away from home and blithely shirked all adult responsibility for the weekend. The good news  is that this means I'll have plenty to tell you about once I'm back to being a grown up next week.  Until then, I highly recommend the shirking and suggest you consider it from time to time too.

March 4, 2012|
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