Keepsies (plus giveaway)

Every now and then you stumble across an opinionated skein of yarn...a skein of yarn that wants to be knit in stockinette and simply will not take no for an answer.  I happened upon a skein like that, and Keepsies is the result! So I'm not going to lie.  This is more or less just a tube of stockinette.  Yes there's ribbing at the bottom to make it behave, but after that, you just settle in and knit every stitch until it's tall enough.  No fancy business at all. But then?  Then you come to the top.  And that's where [...]

July 5, 2017|

Coming soon…

So you remember the marble hat?  The one that's so cheerful it will pretty much slap you in the face?  Well it will be out next week (I normally do pattern releases on Tuesdays, but next Tuesday is a holiday in the states, so I'm doing it Wednesday instead).  Here's a little sneak peek. If you want a note when it's out, be sure you use the link at the bottom to get on the mailing list.  I'll let you know when it's here (and send you a coupon too).  You'll have to find your own marbles though!   [pextestim [...]

June 30, 2017|

A fold here, a tuck there…

So when the knitting's done, you do a little magic, and end up with something like this. Which sure, it's cute enough, though a bit ruffled.  Well you know what I'm going to tell you to do.  You need to block that hat! And for this one?  For this one we get to use a whole new blocking prop.  Marbles.  Yes really marbles.  I'm every bit as amused as you are (quite likely more). And when it's done?  Well when it's done it's rather delightful. And yes, yes there will be a pattern down the road (almost certainly in July).  [...]

June 14, 2017|


So you know how sometimes I say something like 'this project has big stretches of reverse stockinette so you may want to consider a more subdued yarn than you might otherwise use'?  Like with the top of the foot on Cataphyll or the background on Enchase or the heel and background on Greenhorn? Yeah well let's look at why. Take a look at this and notice the difference between the stockinette side (that's the bit that's all knits...the bottom in this picture) and the reverse stockinette side (that's the bit that's all purls...the top in this picture). Trace one of [...]

June 10, 2017|


Ribbing done! And stockinette underway. Now let's be frank...the stockinette part will be the entire rest of the hat.  That means this is going to just get taller and taller and taller until it gets tall enough (or I give up and quit...that's totally an option too).  Luckily, the yarn provides a heck of a distraction!   [pextestim pex_attr_set="looking-for-this-pattern" pex_attr_autoplay="false"][/pextestim]

June 9, 2017|

Take two

So you remember the folded hat from a few weeks ago?  Uh huh.  Well there's going to be a second version (I want to fine tune a few details and show a second way to put it together). And that means more yarn (it's the DK base from The Lemonade Shop in Stormy Day). And more ribbing.  Someone come by and sneak in a row or two while I take a quick nap, ok?   [pextestim pex_attr_set="looking-for-this-pattern" pex_attr_autoplay="false"][/pextestim]

June 4, 2017|


Alright, so when last we spoke, the hat was looking a little something like this.  Which is totally cute...but may be a bit too...enthusiastic? for my tastes. But then, in a happy accident (also known as weaving in the ends), I flipped it inside out.  And look what the top does! That's really rather magical. And just just like that a plan was hatched.  I wanted a second version with a few modifications.  And the good folks over at The Lemonade Shop were happy to oblige (this is their Stormy Day colorway), and more yarn is on the way.  I [...]

May 25, 2017|


So, I'm eyebrows deep in Curls 3 swatches.  Which is a fairly pleasant place to be (this is the part where I get to have All The Ideas), but it does make for rather limited blogging. I did start getting twitchy about not having finished anything just lately though and so finished up the World's Most Cheerful Hat.  It started out looking something like this. Then with a bit of a fold here and a pinch there and a wiggle there looked like this. And with a bit of strategic fiddling that turned into this. Which is all well and [...]

May 23, 2017|
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