The sun came out on Sunday, and The Boy was gracious enough to go outside on a little photo shoot.  I spent quite a lot of time sitting on the porch railing trying to keep my toes still, and he spent an equal amount of time cheerfully tramping through the (shamelessly overgrown and scandalously weed filled) flower beds.  I'm fairly sure we confirmed the neighbors' suspicions that we are a bit crazy.  I think it was worth it though, as I now have even more pictures of my feet. The pattern is up, and you likely know the drill by [...]

November 23, 2009|


The pretty frilly fluffy pink socks are going up Monday.  At least that's the plan.  If the sun comes out some time tomorrow, the plan has a very good chance of succeeding, as the pattern is all finished except for a final picture.  In the meantime, you get a depressing gray gloomy pic of them taken on the porch in the rain.  Come back Monday for the pattern and a chance to win some yummy goodness from Liberty's Yarn.

November 21, 2009|

Up and Away

Lots of little bits today, and no overarching theme. Is scattered a theme? No? Could we pretend it is? First, some business.  Today's lucky winner is Darcy!  She will be getting a skein of lovely yarn from Dicentra Designs in her favorite color, Opal Creek.  I'll be in touch to work out the details. Next, knitting progress.  I've actually been knitting rather a lot, I'm just keeping it secret to spite you.  All will be revealed in time, but for now I can show you these.  They're almost done and I'm just itching to finish them so I can hurry [...]

November 12, 2009|
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