Math…please don’t be scared

There I sat, admiring my swatch.  Loving it really.  The drape, the gauge, the yarn, the color, all was well.  Look at that red thing (details of said swatch intentionally and shamelessly obscured in the interest of secrecy preservation). It's Blue Sky Alpacas' Alpaca Silk in Crabapple and it's filling me with glee.  The other thing it was filling me was doubt.  Had I let my swatching fever take too strong a hold?  Was I going to run out of yarn because I'd knit such a nice big swatch?  I'm a swatch keeper.  I'll rip them out if I have [...]

September 11, 2013|

Doing the Math

A tiny bit of calculation has revealed that the current pair of socks will, when finished, be made up of about 14,400 stitches.  A further bit of calculation has revealed that I've got about 1,550 stitches left to go before I finish the second sock.  This means I am about 89% done.  Really, it's three inches and a toe.  It's three hours of knitting.  So why in the world is it taking me so long to do?  And does anyone else figure out how many stitches are in a project and obsessively track how much you've finished?

November 15, 2011|
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