As promised, new socks!  May I introduce Elfrida? You may have noticed that these don't follow the same naming convention as the rest of my socks.  That's because they are part of Penny Rose Yarns' Wicked Women sock club.  They are named for a real live wicked woman, and you can read about her on the socks' pattern page. Ruth, the mastermind behind Penny Rose Yarns, has been kind enough to let me release the pattern to everyone at the same time club members get it.  Alas, club members are the only ones who get the beautiful purple yarn I [...]

January 19, 2010|

Not Empty

Now for some actual knitting.  That empty box over there, the one under "On the Needles?"  It's a lie.  The needles are not empty.  They are, in fact, quite full.  Alas, almost all the current knitting is secret, so I can't show you pictures.  I'm realizing now that this was poor planning.  I can't show you pretty pictures, but I can let you know a bit about the schedule and what you can expect to see over the next little while. The next pattern you will see is part of Penny Rose's Wicked Women yarn club.  While only club members [...]

December 7, 2009|
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