The Plan!

I'm thrilled to announce that I finally have an official schedule for the upcoming release of The Knitter's Curiosity Cabinet, Volume II.  Just like last time, I'll be doing a preorder period.  Now I know placing a preorder is a bit of an act of trust, so I've planned some special deals for folks who want to get in early.  I want to spell it all out here, ahead of time, so you can make your plans and ask any questions.  So, without further ado, The Plan (and remember, whenever you buy a paper copy of any of my books [...]

April 1, 2013|

Mix and Match

As explained the other day, I've only got about 70(ish...the ish is important) yards of the handspun pseudo-yarn.  I want to pair it with something else to sort of stretch the goodness.  I actually have a plan for (more or less) what I want to do.  And do feel free to remind me of this supposed plan and laugh loudly when I get stuck and change my mind.  I just need to decide which of these three yarns I'll use for the extra bits.  What do you guys think?  Purple, green, or blue?

October 16, 2012|
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