Sheep Gazing

This past Saturday we stopped by the Great Lakes Fiber Show (it's something of a tradition at this point).  I visited with the lovely Bare Naked Wools folks (you should come play in our knitalong, it's the yummiest yarn imaginable).  But other than a few goodies from their booth, I actually managed to not bring home any yarn.  Shocking I know.  But I'm in the yarn acquisition phase for a new set of books (yes, already, these things have long timelines), and am sort of saturated with yarn-y goodness at the moment.  But, so as not to leave you hanging, [...]

May 27, 2014|

Retreat, Part II

After the stroll (no, no it was more of a hike -- a hike with moments of slog), it was time for lunch.  I went back to Eastsound (small island, small towns, that was the closest spot that promised a selection of lunch spots).  I stormed the first restaurant I found and devoured some sort of massive sandwich product. As I was sitting there, marveling at how amazingly tasty things are after a nice long scramble in the woods (and trying hard to ignore the muddy cuffs on my pants), I though hmmm, perhaps I should double check the ferry [...]

February 19, 2013|

As Advertised

Maryland Sheep & Wool had, not surprisingly, a large number of sheep and other wooly things.  We found wee baby goats: Curly horned sheep (do the horns mean they're boys?  Are boy sheep really rams, like how boy cows aren't so much cows as bulls or steer?): Sheep getting haircuts: And sheep with the post trim dreads (very styling): Plus the odd llama and rabbit and other furry friend.  Very cute.  Very smelly.  Very noisy.

May 8, 2012|
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