Cataphyll (plus giveaway)

Way back in 2013, I had a lovely little pattern in Interweave's Sockupied magazine (it showed up in the Sockupied book too and even made the cover...I was unreasonably pleased).  Ever since then, I've had folks asking when they'll be able to get this one as a stand alone pattern.  I'm delighted to say that you can get it right now!  Cataphyll is now available on ravelry. I sort of adore these.  Most of the leg is nice, easy ribbing (which means they'll fit beautifully), but there's also a column of lovely leaves down the outside of your ankle to [...]

February 17, 2015|


Some time last year, the charming Anne Merrow, editor extraordinaire of Interweave's Sockupied, got in touch and asked if we could hatch a plan.  Um, yes.  The answer was definitely yes.  So we plotted and planned.  Swatches were made, yarns were procured, patterns were written, and socks were knit...all in breathless secrecy.  Some time last September the socks and pattern went off to hang out with the folks at Sockupied, and I got back to my regularly scheduled programing. Then, earlier this month, I got to see the socks again...all laid out and with absolutely adorable photos (I swear Interweave [...]

April 30, 2013|
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