If you're itching to make them, the pink frilly confections I posted about the other day are up for testing.  The thread with instructions is on Ravelry.  If you'd like to volunteer, head on over.  I'm picking testers Thursday morning.

March 10, 2010|

Not Empty

Now for some actual knitting.  That empty box over there, the one under "On the Needles?"  It's a lie.  The needles are not empty.  They are, in fact, quite full.  Alas, almost all the current knitting is secret, so I can't show you pictures.  I'm realizing now that this was poor planning.  I can't show you pretty pictures, but I can let you know a bit about the schedule and what you can expect to see over the next little while. The next pattern you will see is part of Penny Rose's Wicked Women yarn club.  While only club members [...]

December 7, 2009|

Call for Testers

The newest sock is ready to go to testers.  I know some people have been upset to miss testing opportunities in the past, so I thought I'd mention it here too just to give everyone a shot.  If you'd like to try for a chance to test these, head over to this Ravelry thread, and volunteer!  I'm picking testers tomorrow afternoon, and plan to release these socks at the end of this month.  I'll be back in a few days to tell you more about the socks (and about the yummy yarn I used for them), but I wanted to [...]

November 3, 2009|
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