Smitten Slipper
Published On: October 9, 2013

The first of the slippers is finished up.  I find myself quite smitten.

slipper 0I also find myself completely unable to take an attractive picture of my own foot while sitting on my back porch in my pajamas in the rain.

slipper 1Perhaps these will at least give the idea and prove the thing is done.

slipper 2These are made with Knitspot’s lovely Bare Naked Wools (Breakfast Blend DK on the top, plus Romney DK on the sole).  It’s the perfect yarn for these (snuggly, squishy, sturdy, and just a bit grippy).  [ETA:  Either I’m having a special moment, or this went and changed names on me between when I got my yarn and now.  It looks like what I’ve been calling Romney DK is really Kent DK.  I swear it says romney on my label, but I think I got an early skein!  No matter the name, it’s lovely!]

Slipper number two will be underway shortly (KCC3’s photo shoot is this Friday and Saturday, so my time is at something of a premium this week.  This is code for ‘I am stark raving mad and see no chance for improvement till Saturday night’.  I’m anxious to finish the second one, as I have a bit of a trip coming up (can you say Rhinebeck), and these will fit much more comfortably in my suitcase than my other slippers.  I may even be able to enlist some help to get some more appealing pictures in some picturesque spot.

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