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Published On: October 17, 2019

So indulge me for a moment.  Let me show off some of the yarns from this year’s book!

My goodness but I do have a weakness for tiny little mini skeins (yes, yes I *do* make tiny little mini skeins of the book yarns for no reason other than to take pictures of them and share them on here…and no I do not think that’s a bad idea at all).

This is Meridian by Seven Sisters Arts in the color White Buffalo. Meridian is an absolutely classic sock yarn. It’s perfectly smooth and delightfully round, so you can work no end of fancy stitches and not have them get lost the way they might in a more textured yarn. And it’s made from superwash merino and nylon, so once you’ve knit your socks, they’ll last and be easy to care for. And of course, it’s a perfect canvas for Karen to work her color magic. I’ve never seen her do a color I don’t love, and this is no exception. ⁠⠀

This is Caper Sock by String Theory Hand Dyed Yarn in the color Blue Hill. This is another delightful sock yarn. Merino and cashmere make it soft, but soft can be tricky for socks, so nylon steps in and makes it a bit sturdier. The yarn is smooth and round, so your stitches show up. And, once again, the colors are just mesmerizing.

Actually, I should mention something. Sock yarns have to do a very practical job, so the good ones share a lot of characteristics. And since this is a book of socks, I may sound like a bit of a broken record when I talk about the yarns in it. But they really are some of my very favorites, and I’m totally going to show them off. They’re pretty enough I suspect you won’t mind at all!⁠⠀

This is Signature Sock Yarn by OnTheRound in the color Robin’s Egg.⁠ I did warn you…good sock yarn has a lot of things in common, and we see that here once again. Superwash merino and nylon make things cozy and practical. The nice smooth twist lets your stitches shine. And the colors reach out and grab you and just don’t let go. And then there are the speckles. Which serve absolutely no practical purpose in terms of making the sock last longer…but wow do they make the yarn more fun than you’d have any right to expect!

So those are the first three.  I’ll come back and show you more here shortly. And of course I’ll come back again here in just a bit and start showing off the swatches and telling you more about the projects too!



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