Published On: November 12, 2019

Needled is out, it’s 10% off with the code EVERGREEN for the next few days, and you’ve totally got time to knit a whole forest before the holidays.

Because I suspect that once you’ve knit one, you’ll want to knit more.  I know I certainly did.

I made some with trunks (those lend themselves to hanging from your christmas tree) and some without (those stand up beautifully all on their own).

I made some with beads (you can place them in tidy, regimented lines like I did or go for something a bit more free form) and some with a bit of fluffy mohair held alongside to give it a snowy vibe.

And I made them in all different weights of yarn so they came out all different sizes.

Basically I gave my inner eight year old free reign, and she demanded a whole bunch of tiny trees for reasons known only to her.  If you are suddenly hearing from your inner eight year old (or the actual kiddos who share your life) that you might need a similar thing, you can totally make that happen too!

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