Shoreland Q&A
Published On: November 14, 2019

So…ready for the next book?  Shoreland is coming out next week (preorder opens November 19).  I’ll explain all the details of the preorder in another post tomorrow, but today I wanted to answer questions about the book itself.  Let me see if I can guess what some of them are!

– What’s in the book? Seven shiny new sock patterns!  Each one is written in 3 or 4 stitch counts with sizing information given for working in both fingering and dk weight yarn (because wow do I love thick socks).  They’re all top down (because that’s how I like to build socks) and they all use charts (because holy smokes is that an efficient way to present information in limited space).

If you look at the shoreland tag (and scroll down to get to earlier posts), you can see pictures of swatches and info about the yarns if you want to dig in a bit more!

– What does it look like? Someone always asks this, so a few years ago I started taking photos of the book on the shelf next to its fellows.  And at first I thought this was hopelessly dorky. But it turns out I sort of secretly love seeing the stack of books get bigger and bigger and bigger as more books come into the world.  So there you go…it’s quite a stack at this point!

The book comes in both paper and electronic versions, and the paper one includes a download code to grab a copy of the electronic one too (and there’s some other nifty stuff on the paper one too, more about that here).

– Are they ready to go? Have you done this before? That’s a solid yes on both counts.  I’ve had enough Adventures In Freight Hauling (worst children’s book ever thanks very much) to know better than to tell you a date until I have the books firmly settled in my garage (which doesn’t make for a very pretty picture, but does make for a lot of peace of mind).

And if you take a stroll through the archives, you can see rather a lot of examples of me shipping out previous books right on schedule over the years.  There’s always a chance something will go horribly wrong (humans are fragile and bad things can happen), but I’ve had a fair bit of practice and I’m as prepared as I know how to be!

– Anything special for the preorder? Yes!  There will be a special price during the preorder.  And I’ve got a special little extra goody to tuck in with the first 300 paper books folks order.  Mailing list folks will get a link to the preorder an hour early to give them the best chance of grabbing the goody (the price will be lower during that hour too).

I’m going to do a whole post about the preorder schedule and all the details of that tomorrow (do don’t worry if you have questions about timing, I’ll spell that all out in alarming detail here in a few days).

For now, I just want to finally show off the pretty and be excited about it!  And if you want to be on the mailing list, you can make that happen right here:

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If you have other questions about the book, feel free to leave them in comments and I’ll do my best to answer.  If you have questions about the preorder, hold off on those until the preorder post goes up in a day or two and see if you’re still wondering once that goes up!

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