Summer School, Party Tricks, Indomitable
Published On: July 29, 2020

On Monday we talked a bit about socks with ridiculous party tricks, and for the rest of the week I’ll be showing off some of my personal favorites.

These are Indomitable, they are proof that cuffed socks are just delightful, and they’re 25% off on ravelry with the code SUMMER SCHOOL through the end of the day, eastern time, Wednesday July 29.

So cuffing your socks shouldn’t be amusing. It really shouldn’t.  And yet somehow it is.  Especially these, where the sock is reversible so you can wear them inside out and cuffed or right side out and uncuffed and get two totally different looks.

Oh and if you want to experiment with cuffed socks, I strongly recommend making your life easier and doing the part that gets folded down with slightly larger needles than you use for the rest of the sock.  It will help make sure there’s room for them to fold and not bunch up.  But really, go, make a pair of cuffed socks, I suspect I’m not the only one who will find them deeply amusing!

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