Published On: November 17, 2020

Ok, I have a plan.

Now normally I do a pattern (or something pattern-like) more or less the first and third Tuesdays of the month. But I don’t know if you recall, but the first Tuesday of this month was the election, and wow was I not going to try and compete for brain space with that circus.

So I bumped the first of this month’s patterns (the adorable little hat ornaments from last week) to the second Tuesday. Which would normally mean I’d do another pattern on the fourth Tuesday. But this year, scandal of scandals, I am taking the whole week of Thanksgiving off.

All the way off. The kind of really, truly off where I’m not even ‘just popping online for a minute’ or ‘checking my email real quick’ or ‘logging into ravelry for just a second.’ Really, truly, properly OFF.

So, I can’t bring it out then.

Buuuuuuut, I know lots of folks want to add this to their wee tiny houses before the holidays hit. Which means I’m going to break my own completely arbitrary, completely self imposed rule (cough, those are always the hardest to break) and bring it out some time this week (probably Thursday, but apparently things are changing willy nilly, so I leave room for plans to change).

It’s the same scale as the houses, so the blocks you got for them work for this as well (or, as with the houses, I’ve got some options for you in the pattern including a printout if you wanna get handy with an exacto knife and some cardboard).

Do the mailing list thing if you want me to pester you when it comes out. Meanwhile I’ll be trying to reassure my neighbors that it’s perfectly FINE for a grown adult to have spent the day sitting on wet sand taking pictures of tiny, knitted buildings. Perfectly fine. No need to call the authorities. All is well.

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