Round two
Published On: November 18, 2020

You might have thought I’d have been clever enough to get all the pictures for the wee tiny village in one go on my first trip out.  Because really, who wants to get that cold, that wet, and that filthy more than once if they don’t have to.

But alas, no.  When I went off to take the first round, I hadn’t actually finished knitting all the other buildings that were going to be in the set.

Was I incurably lazy? Overwhelming busy? Filled with existential dread over the election? Waiting to see if enough folks bought the houses to see if it was worth knitting more pieces for the set?  Maybe a bit of each, I’ll never tell.

But this time…this time when I went back I brought both the church/schoolhouse/townhall pieces and the lighthouse pieces with me (yes, there is a lighthouse, yes, it is unspeakably adorable).  And you bet I got all the pictures I’ll need to release both of those.  Because it’s only going to get colder for the next few months, and I don’t especially want to do this again in January.

So the plan is for the church/schoolhouse/townhall pattern to come out tomorrow.  And if enough folks are smitten with it and decide to add it to their village, then I’ll get the lighthouse out some time early next year.  And if not, well then I’ll have some really nifty pictures of tiny knitted light houses that I’ll just sort of occasionally torment you with while I cackle maniacally and refuse to release the pattern. Either outcome works for me!

P.S. All that stuff they say about wet cotton being an absolute heat suck? Yeah it’s all true. I apparently need to get some pants that are of a more suitable material if I’m going to make a habit of this. I was out there for three and a half hours, I was moving around the whole time (taking these pictures is surprisingly physical every time), I had on a proper coat, and by the end I was shivery cold just because my pants were soaked.

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