Published On: January 27, 2021

Did you miss them? Because I know I was missing them…⁠

⁠These are the next round of patterns to come back out (as part of the massive pattern reformat/update project that was supposed to take up most of 2020, but then 2020 turned out to be rather more eventful than anyone anticipated, so it’s been extended into 2021).⁠

They all follow the same formula, start with a mellow background yarn, then pick a nifty contrast yarn and do Fancy Stuff With Slipped Stitches. They’re my favorite sort of colorwork (the kind where you only use one yarn per row), and they all look like you did something hard but you absolutely did not.

They’re due to come back out in early February (standard ‘assuming noting truly dreadful happens to me or mine between now and then). If you want to go yarn shopping or stash diving, each of them takes about 200 yards of a background yarn (anything from dk through to heavy worsted is fine) and about 100 yards of contrast yarn. I used Tosh Vintage for the background and Tosh Merino Light or DK for the contrast, but the patterns are super flexible (and this is a great place to use up leftovers from other projects as the contrast yarns). ⁠

If you want me to holler at you when they reappear, you can make that happen here!

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