Published On: January 29, 2021

Ahem. Yarn. ⁠

Now look, some yarns are easy with their charms, they show you just how delightful they are in any form…skein, cake, swatch, full sized knitting. They let you know just how marvelous they are the very first moment your eye falls upon them. ⁠

But some yarns are a bit more modest. They want you to get to know them a bit before their full glory is revealed.⁠

And had I just seen this yarn in the skein, I would have thought ‘ooooh, lovely colors, very cheerful, but maybe just a bit too chaotic for me personally right now’ and walked on by. But I didn’t just see it in the skein. I saw it knit up. And when it’s knit up, it’s a wonder and a delight and it fills my very orderly soul with glee. Because it makes STRIPES. Neat, orderly, regular, repeating stripes. Rainbow stripes. On gray yarn. I am overcome. ⁠

But, since I haven’t knit it yet (and since I don’t want to be a jerk and use someone’s picture without permission), I can’t show this to you directly. However I can encourage you to go check out Fab Funky Fibres to see how it knits up, so you too can come to know this level of glee.⁠

This is the rainy day rainbow colorway, and you may assume I’m petting it at all times.

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