More fun in sets, part 1
Published On: August 7, 2021

So some of the things I heard from folks after I posted the Likewise and Otherwise set on instagram the other day made it super clear that I do an absolutely terrible job of showing off my existing patterns. ⁠

I have a tendency to focus on whatever the Shiny New Thing is. The time consuming nature of knitting means I’m currently working on things that will come out next year, and all my focus is on them. So showing off stuff that’s coming out now is hard enough, showing off stuff that came out months or years ago is basically impossible. But really, I’ve been doing this for ages and have hundreds of existing patterns. I should pay more attention to them.⁠

So, to continue yesterday’s discussion of accessory sets (and their magical powers to hold February’s gloom at bay), I’m going to show off a few of my favorite accessory sets over the next few days.⁠

These three use just one yarn, no fancy business with brioche or colorwork (those are coming next). The gray ones are Hither, Thither, and Yon (there’s a cowl in there too, just not in this picture). The orange ones are Henceforth and Hitherto, and the rainbow ones are Imply and Infer. (Is part of the reason I love sets that they are So Much Fun To Name? Yes, yes it is. But you knew that.)⁠

You can find them (and lots of other sets) either on ravelry, or on payhip. And all the accessory sets give you a discount if you buy all the pieces at once. Details of that are on each pattern’s listing (and please do be sure to read them, because every now and then the details differ slightly), but the gist is that you’ll get one of the patterns half off when you buy both pieces together, and you don’t need a code, you just need them in your cart at the same time.⁠

So if sets are your jam, take a look (and I’ll show off a few more of them over the weekend) and see if any of those tickle your fancy. And maybe one of these days I’ll stop being so distracted by the next shiny thing and will be better able to be a Proper Respectable Businessperson and show this stuff off more often. But don’t hold your breath.

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